Subtitled Extracts from a memory journal, this new novel is by local author Patricia E Smith. It is a departure from its predecessor The Star Seed Legacy, which was published in 2006. Instead of a straightforward adventure story this is a personal account
of Smith’s spiritual awakening.

Episodic in nature, it covers a great deal
of ground, from intriguing characters the author has encountered to past lives lived. Throughout, Smith conveys the sense of
a woman growing increasingly confident
of her own vision and she shares her experiences in way that is refreshingly
open and honest.

She examines her childhood, looking back to the special relationship she established with her grandmother and the subsequent impact that has had on her life. She touches on her dreams – abstract, spiritual and material – and she presents her ideas about life’s most important matters in a way that
is both cogent and well written.

Given the overall thrust of the book it’s no surprise that nature, its challenges and its glories are recurring themes. One extract recounts Smith’s struggle to bring order to the gardens of a long admired and newly acquired home. Another tells of a childhood experience where Smith and a small group of friends carefully enact a burial ceremony for a small dead bird they find.

The landscape of St Andrews and its hinterland play a prominent part in the book. It’s clear that Smith’s surroundings and the people she meets mould and influence her outlook – she would not be
the person she is without her strong family ties to the part of the world.

That grounding gives her the freedom to undertake an ambitious and wide-ranging exploration of the spiritual universe. Few nooks and crannies are left untouched as Smith voyages through a world of reincarnation, angels, faeries, crystal
keys and unicorns.


A spiritual journey begins at St Andrews

in focus

Book Review:
Dance on Toes in the Frosted Grass
by Patricia E Smith

Although a novel such as this necessitates some introspection, the author does not spend time navel gazing. Rather she is focused on how others can benefit from
her experiences and insights. As Smith promises: “If you are searching for fulfillment and a sense of oneness…see
for yourself how easy it is to lay down your own footprints and find your truth.”